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Meishan Bonded Area handles an increasing number of containers in the first nine months
     In the first nine months of 2017, Meishan Bonded Area achieved a cumulative record of handling 2.5373 million TEUs containers and achieved a record of handling 20.5343 million tons cargo, increase of 37.8% and 38% respectively. Among them, the area handles more containers than throughout the 2016 and achieves a new record.
    With the constant deepening of the cultivation of Meishan's international trade logistics industry, Meishan's regional characteristic trade has initially shown a trend of massive development. Characteristic imported trade, including cross-border e-commerce and cold chain food, has soared since the beginning of this year, providing strong support for Meishan’s capacity of handling more cargo. 20 new international container routes reaching 11 ports in six countries along the "Belt and Road" have been launched in Meishan to increase the total number to 71. These routes will help to speed up the integration of Meishan into the "Belt and Road" strategy and build Meishan into an international shipping logistics hub serving the construction of Ningbo "Belt and Road" Construction Comprehensive Pilot Zone. It is estimated that Meishan’s capacity of handling containers will exceed the annual goal of 2.65 million TEUs throughout 2017.
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