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Meishan appears at World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs กค Ningbo Belt and Road Construction Pilot Zone Project Presentation
     By November 21, Meishan Bonded Area achieved a cumulative record of handling 3.0099 million TEUs containers and achieved a record of handling 24.5158 million tons cargo, increase of 38% and 34.1% respectively compared with the same period of last year. It is the first time for Meishan Bonded Area to have a capacity of handling over 3 million TEUs containers in one year, marking a new step for its port business.
    The Port Authority has served the development of the international port supply chain industry in Meishan core area of Ningbo "Belt and Road" Construction Comprehensive Pilot Zone; has added international routes, optimized the route structure and launched 20 new routes this year to boost Meishan's capacity of handling containers; and has coordinated to promote the continuous growth of characteristic trade including vehicle import, cross-border e-commerce and cold chain food, steadily advance the Meishan project of the China General Chamber of Commerce, the pilot practice of parallel vehicle import and the renovation of Luohansong Port, and improve the basic capacity of the port for economic construction service. At the next stage, at the juncture of handling over 3 million TEUs containers, Meishan Bonded Area will perfect port infrastructure construction, work out a scheme for the construction of an international supply chain innovation demonstration zone, and create a pattern for industry-port interconnection.
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