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The function of organization

According to the decision of municipal Party committee and municipal government, to set up Ningbo municipal Meishan island development and management committee. £¨which is short for Meishan island development and management committee£©Meishan island development and management committee is sent and delegated by Ningbo municipal People’s Government. And to perform the function of relevant city economic administration authority and county social administrative management in the jurisdictions.

Major duties£º
1. To take charge of the state and province, municipal relevant laws, rules and regulations to carry out and implement at the area of Meishan island. Formulate and publish relevant management rules in the region, and organize to put into effect after approval.
2. Research and formulate economic and social development plans and construction plans, and organize to put into effect after approval.
3. Delegated by municipal planning bureau, master plan, partition detailed project, and important professional program of formation area.
4. Feast on power of examination and approval of city items, and examination and verifying investment items. Take charge to organize regional attract investment operating.
5. Be responsible for regional construction project and preliminary designed examination, construction approval, tendering and bidding, certification issuing, quality monitoring, project file, and relevant real estate management. Organize the management works of construction costs and building operations, install, reconnaissance design and real estate exploitation units.
6. Be responsible for urban construction and management.
7. Take participate in port construction and ocean development, and make works bring into line.
8. Take charge of regional foreign trade, finance, national asset, science and technology, statistics and foreign affairs.
9. Examine, coordinate and supervise Meishan island regional affiliated agencies or business agencies operating which is located at the region of Meishan. Coordinate the operating of departments of water supply, power-up, air feed, communication, and finance
10. Guide all regional enterprises to put operating status rights into practice, set up modern enterprise system, and guarantee enterprises to manage independently.
11. Take charge and direct the Party building , spiritual civilization, and alliance operating of organs and enterprises.
12. Undertake any other matters of municipal Party committee and municipal government. Assume daily works of Meishan island developing leading group.

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