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Meishan, Ningbo, bonded harbor area high-end electronic devices and assembling project

Definition of projects

Meishan, Ningbo, bonded harbor area high-end electronic devices and assembling project

Approaches to cooperation

solo proprietorship

Overview of



Products scheme,
Development plan,
Market analysis,
scale of operating,

Sales forecasting

At present, with the ceaseless development of technology, civil imported demands of high-end electronic device products and facilities are growing with each passing day. Such as radar for communication and detection and wireless remote control products and infrared products, etc. on the aspect of radar and remote technology; except that the ground radar technology is slightly ripe inland, any other advanced facilities still depend on abundant import. This project plans to make use of the location advantage and policy advantage of Meishan bonded harbor area to build an item of high-end electronic devices and assembling.

This project mainly includes importing high-end electronic and detection devices of vast civil demands, like speed measuring radar, weather radar, and high-end electronic products of medical treatment and experimental detection. Meanwhile, recommend and make use of foreign high-end electronic device for core parts, such as launch tube of radar, which is matched with Chinese processing chips, electronic components, and operation method, to improve on the entire property of high-end electronic products, and then sell to home and abroad.

This project planning land is 4 hectares, and area of structure is more than 50000 kilometers. Wish to bring into domestic and overseas investors.

The project predicts that annual sales revenue is 400 million yuanand annual profit is 60 million yuan.

Major import facilitiesraw material apply and any other

Production and assembling line or relevant core component of High-end electronic device

Investment budget estimate and benefit analysis

Total investment

20 million dollars

Registered capital

10 million dollars

Annual sales revenue

200 million yuan

foreign investment in hope

Annual profit

40 million yuan

Spot exchange





Internal rate of return







Period for recovery of investment

3 years

 General situation of Chinese enterprises

(enterprise propertiesgeneral assets and permanent assetsproducts available and marketing statusexisting equipment and techniquesupporting facility and others)


Project location advantage

Bonded harbor area is the special area with the highest opening administrative level, the most favorable policy, the most complete function, which is the forerunner zone for the state to implement trade zone strategy. Enjoy foreign cargos` entry into harbor district bonding. When cargos beyond the harbor then enter the inland for sales, clear customs according to relevant rules of imported cargos, and collect tax according to cargos actual status. Cargos trades of enterprises in the harbor district don’t impose value-added tax and consumption tax.

Meishan, Ningbo, bonded harbor area is face to Pacific Ocean, close to international main channel, is planning to build more than 10 container terminals with 70000 to 100000 tons range. Meanwhile, this forms an intensive stereoscopic transportation logistics network in bonded harbor area. Superior geographic location, impeccable transportation network, favorable trade policy, plus the vast market of civil radar and wireless remote products, which provides a precondition for projects` advantageous development. 

Progress of project


Information which project can provide

Feasibility study report

Chinese side contact unit

Meishan, Ningbo, bonded harbor area economic development bureau


Wei Yangzhong, Cao Qiaoying


Meishan island, Beilun, Ningbo










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