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The brief introduction of Meishan bonded area

  The State Council approved to set up Ningbo Meishan bonded area on Feb 24th,2008. This is the fifth bonded area after Yangshan、Dongjiang Tianjin、Dayaowan Dalian、and Yangpu Hainan. Ningbo Meishan is located on Meishan island, with a planning area of 7.7 square kilometers. Four boundariesof a piece of land: East to frontageberth includedsouth to Meifeng Road, bonded to the southwest for  surrounding Yangang Road、Meishan Highway and Harbor Road. Ningbo Meishan bonded area puts the management of closure into practice. The function is related to taxation and foreign exchange policy which implements the regulation of the State Council about the Document to Establish Yangshan Bonded Area.

  Bonded area is set up with the approval of the State Council. Within the bounds of port crops and linked location, setting port crops, logistics and fabrication as a collection, which has port functional supervision area is the highest opening, the most favorable policy, the most complete function so far.  Also, it is the antecedent area which is in favor of the nation to putting free-trade zone into effect. The major tax policy in the district: Foreign goods harbor entrance bonded, goods harbor exit to enter inland marketing applies to the customs clearance according to the relative regulation of goods import, and imposes the taxation in accordance with the practical status of goods. Inland goods entrance is regarded as export, which carries out drawback policy. The goods trade among enterprises inside the port needn’t impose value-added tax and consumption tax. Bonded area overlays bonded area, export processing zones, and,  the taxation and foreign exchange policy of bonded logistics zones, which dominates on the side of zone bit, function, and policy.

 At present, infrastructure is under construction. The supportive infrastructure such as Meishan Bridge、initial container terminal、Qixingtu reclamation engineering、and administrative commercial center, etc have accomplished the main part of a project. The supervisory facilities such as Bayonet、fence、patrol passage、monitoring system and field examination have totally come into operation, which will be ensured to put into uses in April, 2010.
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