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Private enterprises and their branch registration£¨establishment¡¢alteration¡¢logout£©

¡¡¡¡1. Opening and registration fee are charged according to standard business entity’s opening and registration. Registered capital gross amount is below 10 million yuan£¨10 million included£©£¬ which collects 0.8‰ of registered capital total amount. If registered capital investment is beyond 10 million£¨10 million not included£©£¬ charge according to 0.4‰ of registered capital investment. If registered capital total amount is beyond 100 million yuan£¨100 million yuan not included£©£¬ exceeding part doesn’t collect any longer. The lowest amount of money for opening and registration fee is 50 yuan. If enterprises not possess legal person condition want to establish branch agency which cannot assume independently civil liability, opening and registration fee is 300 yuan. Institution whose funds verified and allocated by the nation, scientific public organization undertaking operating activities or enterprises not possess legal person condition, whose opening and registration fee is 100 yuan.

¡¡¡¡2. Standards of Registration fee alteration: a. Business entity and branch which cannot undertake civil responsibility and don’t possess legal person condition for alteration registration charge 100 yuan. b. If the sum of increased part of business entities registered fund and original registered fund£¨registered capital£©, added part is charged in accordance with 0.8‰ for registered fee. If it surpasses 10 million yuan, the exceeding part collects 0.4‰ of registered fee. If it surpasses 100 million yuan, the exceeding part doesn’t collect registered fee. Having collected added registered fund£¨registered capital£© for registration fees, don’t gather alteration registered fees.

¡¡¡¡3. Annual inspection fee: standard enterprises collect 50 yuan for each.

¡¡¡¡4. Charging standards for Repairing or changing certificates¡¢licenses and getting license copies: Enterprises need to repair or exchange certificates and licenses, due to lost or breakdown, which should be collected 50 yuan for each. In addition, enterprises which need to get license of the business corporation should be collected 10 yuan for cost of production. 

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